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  • Single-stage single-suction cantilever type chemical centrifugal pump

    Product introduction


    Capacity 6.3 -400m3/h

    Head 5 -125m

    Speed 2900r/min and1450r/min

    Power of fitted motor 0.55- 90kW

    Inlet diameter 50- 200mm

    The highest work pressure 1.6MPa

    pumps are classified as 29 basic types, among which, 2 2 two-speed (2900, 1 4 5 0 r / m i n ) types being transformed after cut by the impeller diameter of A and B models, the total specifications can be 112.

    The temperature of transported media of IH model chemical pump is -20 ℃ -105 ℃ . Through adopting cooling method, it can transport media with higher temperature if necessary, and is applied to transport various corrosive media or media in which pollution is forbidden similar to water in such industries as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fiber etc.