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  • petrochemical process pump

    Product introduction


    Aperture DN 25-400mm

    Flow Q 2400m3/h

    Head H 300m

    Working pressure P 2.5MPa(It has to be set forth in advance and noted in the contract in case of a pressure higher than 2.5MPa.

    Working temperature T -80 ℃ ~+450 ℃(It has to be noted in advance in case of a temperature below -25 ℃ or a water temperature higher than 80 ℃ and a hydrocarbon temperature higher than 120 ℃ .

    Oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal process Industry and sub-zero engineering;

    Chemical industry, paper making, paper pulp, sugar refinery and common process engineering;

    Water works, sea water desalt plant;

    Warming and air-conditioning system;

    Power plant;

    Environmental protection project;

    Ship and maritime industry and so on.