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  • RO Drinking Water Purifier

    Product introduction


      Integrating advanced RO (Reverse Osmosis/RO) membrane technology, this technology was first used in the field of space and the universe, RO membrane technology is based on pressure-driven physical filtering method, able to purely filter heavy metals pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, virus, the total residual chlorine and other impurities, and RO membrane does not separate dissolved oxygen, so the output water is flowing water, at the present moment is the safest, most reliable high-tech water treatment technology.

      Filtered water main health indicators reaches national standards of bottled drinking water, especially for high pollution and high hardness water treatment requirements.

      Automatic flush function to maintain stable water quality, lack of water or full water level, the system automatically shut down, to play to protect mechanical functions.

      Applications: government offices, companies, factories, homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cafes and other places need to use pure water, can be used directly for drinking, cooking, tea making, coffee making and so on. Household 20-30 intermittently available drinking water, business type who can provide 70-240 intermittent drinking water, can be connected to water boilers, ice machines or more pipelines to protect cold water and hot water.