Drinking Water System

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  • Drinking Water Filling Facility

    Product introduction

      Automatic Filling Equipment:

      Automatic product line can be used for 3 gallons, 5 gallons of barrels, this equipment can wash, fill and seal with machine, electric and gas.

      Automatic Bottled Filling Line:

      The filling production line puts the filling, cap screwing, delivery together, applicable to variety of plastic bottles, glass bottles, can be used for the fiiling production of mineral water, purified water, juice, beverage without gas, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, and so on.

    Automatic Filling Equipment for Small Bottle (Triad):

    This equipment can be used for brushing, filling and tightening cover automatically. Control system adopt advanced PLC to control the equipment working automatically. The road of the barrels uses wind sent and main converter to make it stably. It is perfect filling equipment for manufacturer of water, drinking without gas.