Waste Water Resume System

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  • SBR Wastewater Reuse System

    Product introduction

    SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge Process, referred to as SBR) split mode of operation using the time division mode of operation an alternative space, alternative non-stable steady-state biochemical reactions and biochemical reactions, precipitation standing ideal alternative to the traditional dynamic precipitation.


    Technique Characteristics

    Stable to be operated:

    Takes less time and high efficiency, water quality is good.

    Bear high lashing load:

    The water retention pool can effectively resist the impact of water and organic contaminants.

    Fexible operation:

    The process can be adjusted according to water quality and quantity.

    Less Mechanism:

    Structure simply, operation and maintenance easily.

    Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal effectively.

    Low cost:

    Secondary setting pond, sludge return system, regulating pond and primary sedimentation pond can be omitted, layout compact, small area taken.


    Application Range:

    Apply sewage treatment to the residential communities, small towns, factories and so on.

    Apply sewage treatment to food & beverage, textile, paper, leather, chemical industry and so on.

    Apply to the need of higher quality water, such as scenic spots, lakes and harbors.

    Apply to the shortage water resources areas.



    1.Sedimentation Tank

    2.Submersible sewage pump (two Sets , one is standby)

    3.Anaerobic Tank

    4.Secondary Oxidation Tank

    5.Secondary sedimentation tank

    6.Disinfect Tank

    7.Disinfect Unit

    8.Sludge Tank


    10.Blower No.2

    (alternate Operation)